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In this section, you will be able to read brief descriptions of the premium items available for
  With Your Destiny Origins. If you want to buy them, just click on the NPC called Premium Trader Nell
  which can be found strategically located in every village.
Best sellers  
   Warrior Seal Offer Pack
Quantity: 1 Price: 1,500 WCoin (BCoin)

10x 10 Pack of Warrior Seals.
It is an item needed to give 10 fame points to the character.

   FireTiger's Essence
Quantity: 1 Price: 1,750 WCoin (BCoin)

10 Pieces of Fire Tiger's essences

   FireTiger's Essence Offer Pack
Quantity: 1 Price: 3,500 WCoin (BCoin)

30 Pieces of Fire Tiger's essences in the price of just 20 pieces.

   Alperats Length Of Life Recovery Potion Pack
Quantity: 1 Price: 4,500 WCoin (BCoin)

5 Pieces of Alperats Length Of Life Recovery Potion.
It increase Fire Tiger and Red Dragon's life points randomly (from 1~3). The maximum lfe expectancy is 60.

   Alperats Growth Potion
Quantity: 1 Price: 1,500 WCoin (BCoin)

Used to grow Fire Tiger and Red Dragon baby to mountable status. Can only be used when pet is equipped.

   FireTiger Egg
Quantity: 1 Price: 5,000 WCoin (BCoin)

Fire Tiger Egg; the first god mount ever released and the strongest mount up until now.

   MAX Potion Pack 50% Discount (Limited)
Quantity: 120 x 10 Price: 200 WCoin (BCoin)

Potion to recover character's HP and MP by 2000 at the same time.

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