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99 Treasure Box and Victory Box Changes 1 June, 2018


Dear WYDians,

Now we have updated items of Treasure Box & Victory Box and they will be as the follow;

Treasure Box
Reward: Receive one of the following
[2x] Swift Horse Essence
[1x] Oriharukon Powder
[1x] Laktorerium Powder
[1x] Silver Brick (1 million)
[2x] Fenrir Essence
[1x] Thoroughbred Horse(3days)

Victory Box
Reward: Receive one of the following
[2x] Recovery Herb
[1x] Oriharukon Powder
[2x] Unisus Essence
[1x] Return of Ability
[1x] Competent Potion(P) - 1 hour bonus

Treasure Box can be exchanged at NPC Gold Dragon
Coordinates: Coordinates: 2070 2067

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Have a great time with With Your Destiny!

Best regards,
With Your Destiny Team

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