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93 Regarding Wars 9 May, 2018


Dear WYDians,

We would like to address the issue of self bidding on towns within the game and make it clear what kind of actions users should expect.

With Your Destiny is a strategy based game where users need to come up with strategies and try to beat their opponent guilds therefore we try not to interfere with normal game systems at all. Yet the game is built on war basis and Guilds shouldn't be allowed to stop that from happening easily.

Therefore we have taken the following decisions:
- A town bidding will only be considered illegal if it is done with the intention of blocking another guild from bidding the same town.

Example(Illegal Self bid): Guild A & B are ally/sub champion guild, Guild C is challenger guild
- If both Guilds A & C bid on the same town owned by Guild B, then bidding done by Guild A will be void and regarded as illegal self bidding.

Example(Normal Self Bid): Guild A & B are ally/sub champion guild, Guild C is challenger guild
- If guild A bid on town owned by Guild B, while no other guild has bid on the same town, then no further action will be taken against either guilds.

The victim guild are requested to submit an investigation request as soon as possible after challengers are announced, so action can be taken as soon as possible.

Best regards,
With Your Destiny Team

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