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11 Patch List 01/05/2018 1 May, 2018


Dear Gamers,

Check out the content of the update that is occurring today.
a) Unicorn & Phoenix Spirit drop increased by 50%
b) Revival Scrolls (10) added to NPC Nell
c) Bone Dragon drop has been decreased
d) New NPC General Yang & Raid Master introduced
- They works as teleportor to map for Events
e) Greed Medal drop added to Battle Dungeon (Normal).
- It has been introduced as new drop for May event
- Item will be usable for May events for now
f) Kephra last hitter reward
- [1x] 120 Laktorerium Powder
- [1x] 120 Oriharukon Powder
- [1x] Silver Brick (100 million gold)
- [1x] Thron of Zen +9 (Ancient) AD statless
- [1x] Thron Of Shard +9 (Ancient) PD statless
- [1x] Kerykeion +9 (Ancient) EXP 32 map
- [1x] Heavenly bow +9 (Ancient) Drop 72 dmg
- [3x] Clue of runes +0
- [1x] Eternal Stone
- [1x] Sephirot (random from Foema, Hunter, Beastmaster, Transknight)
Note: This all items will be drop to last hitter so make sure to keep space in inventory or will be deleted auto.
g) NPC Greed Collector
- Location near Azran Boat X: 2464 Y: 1655
- 25 Greed Medals for Revival Scroll (10)

Thank you for your support and cooperation. Have a great time with With Your Destiny!

Best regards,
With Your Destiny Team

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