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Underworld / Kingdom of Akeronia / Kingdom of Hekalotia /
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Kingdom of Hekalotia  
No | Name | Description
King Harabard King of Hekalotia.. Appoints title to the player as Kingdom knights.
Kingdom Broker In charge of the dismissal of players from Kingdom Hekalotia. 16 pieces of Sapphires are needed to be dismissed in the Kingdom.
Black Oracle NPC for Medal of Kingdom Quest. 10 sapphires will be asked in exchange for Medal of Kingdom. A quest item which will enable guild members to summon each other in time of exigencies.
Redmiron Acts as the trader of recovery items, Scrolls, Sapphires, Gem of Road Star, etc.
  "Hekalotia" means "Country of Horoscope", and some of their citizens view themselves as sons of God. Thus, they have decided to draw a line between God and Humans. "Hekalotians" thought that they should be the one mediating the problem between the "Heaven's World and "Human World".

  A distinct characteristic of a "Hekalotian" is their belief that enjoying security is better than possessing the power of expansion because they want to live a stable life.

  "Hekalotia" rebuilt the ruined "Sephirah" tree with visions of purifying the "Human's World" from evil monsters. "Harbarad", the king of "Hekalotia, ordered that his newly organized troops be dispatched all over the continents and he called his soldiers the "Warriors of God".

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