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Kingdom of Akeronia  
No | Name | Description
King Glantuar King of Akeronia. He appoints the players who will serve as the Kingdom knights.
Kingdom Broker In charge of the dismissal of players from Kingdom Hekalotia. 16 pieces of Sapphires are needed to be dismissed from the Kingdom.
Black Oracle NPC for Medal of Kingdom Quest. 10 sapphires will be asked in exchange for Medal of Kingdom. A quest item which will enable guild members to transfer to the location of their guild members.
Verdes Trader of HP pots and medicines, Scrolls, Sapphires and Gem of Road Star.
 After the reconstruction, the humans who had come back from the continent and had finished discovering the truth from historical materials and new facts gathered from the records or legend that comes from literature and old book of the "New Era". Human started to study these historical bequests and remains and they soon discovered that the dispute between the 'Heaven's World' and 'Human's World' was not only a confrontation between "Good vs Evil" or "Justice vs Injustice" but simply a dispute between "Heaven's World" and "Human's world" wanting to possess power by claiming the 'Sephirot". Through their study, they realized that there is only one God in existence and they saw the hidden, evil intentions of the people who wanted to become omnipotent.

 Because of these developments, the "Akelonians" made a research and they eventually found out the truth through the "Sephirah". They believe that through the "Sephirah", they can maintain the balance between "Heaven's World", "Middle World" and the "Human's World" so that they can continue living peacefully.

  The "Akelonian's" goal was to make the balance of power among the "Heaven's World", "Middle World", and "Human's world" and this unification became possible through the symbol of power, the "Sephirah". "Glantuart", the king of Akelonia organized some of his finest troops and called them the "Burning Shield of the Apostle".

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