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  Armia / Erion / Azran / Advance Base Carden / Coliseum / Darkness Dungeon /
Underworld / Kingdom of Akeronia / Kingdom of Hekalotia /
Noatun Castle / Kephra Dungeon
  "Kersurf" continent show up in the center of 'Hekalotia' and 'Akeronia' kingdoms. ,There are lot of cultivation like digging a 'God's blessing Ore', 'Teamoo' in " Nikire range's one Dungeon and under world became known. "Teamoo' is created by ancient upper human and discovered process make a tribe and he used it to make a rapid culture. Because of the complicated idelolgy, 'Hekalotia' and 'Akeronia' that are have their power have to have lots of battle to have this 'Ore" and there are still remains around "Nikire range". In these intense battles, this range becomes known step by step and finally a tunnel to "under world" is made. There are fallen angels live in and they step on entrance of world that have their blessed human and full of hatred to God.

 When you first arrive in this underworld entrance, very unique monsters show up; even the kingdoms' power can't control them.

  In this underworld, the Basement One is often called "Nikirie Dungeon", Basement Two as "Underworld". In order to reach the Underworld, you need to pass through the "river of death" at the Basement One. Around Basement One's entrance, there are easy monsters but as you go deeper, you will encounter more powerful monsters like in other fields, and when you reach Basement Two, super powerful monsters show up.

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