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Underworld / Kingdom of Akeronia / Kingdom of Hekalotia /
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Darkness Dungeon  
No | Description
Entrance to Dungeon 2 from Dungeon 1
Entrance to Dungeon 2 from Dungeon 1
Entrance to Dungeon 2 from Dungeon 1
Entrance to Dungeon 3 from Dungeon 2
Entrance to Dungeon 3 from Dungeon 2
 The Dark Dungeon is composed of three levels and its entrance is located at the northwestern part of the Armia Field. On your way here, you will encounter the Orc Castle and the Trolls Fortress. The first level is the widest and the third floor is the narrowest. The structure of the dungeon is like an inversed pyramid.

 The second level of the "Dungeon of Darkness" has wide halls and prison, and these halls spread out to several directions using a passage connected to other halls. The second level is composed of the lava zone where you will encounter high-level monsters. At the third level, you can find the shrines and the final boss monster along with its guard monsters.

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