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Advance Base Carden  
No | Name | Description
July The Captain of the Town ship who helps you to go to the port of Azran village.
Cargo Guard NPC in charge of item storage.
Shany Responsible for making high level of spirit stone by combining with +9 Spirit Stone.
Tainy Allows you to create God Class ancient weapon by combining grade D items with +9 or higher upgrade. The formulation fee is 100 million.
Mai Sells HP potions/medicines, scrolls, food, gem of road star, Oriharukon and Laktorerium Alchemy, etc.
Nell Sells premium items.
 Hundred years after the great "Heavenly War", the bitter and ugly remnants of the devastation remained in the "Human's World" and "Heaven's World". Because of the victorious war led by an archangel named "Kafma", Harden and his followers were banished to the far end of North of Azran They settled down in the deep and dark continent of Nifleheim and reigned over the ravenous monsters with hungry, killer eyes.

  Hundreds of years passed and the people started forgetting about the "Heavenly War". Soon, the bloody, sandy wind on "Kersef Continent" started to dissipate. However, in just a matter of several days, terrible rumors began to spread. This unforeseen development devastated the denizens of "Azran" and fear, once again, consumed them.

  One night, they heard a mysterious sound that they never heard before. Some people were sent to board the ships to find out the source of that sound. They have not been able to come back to tell their tale.

 Because of these unfortunate events, the kings from each kingdom got alarmed and gathered the wise men under their command. They too made an order to investigate the source of the sound. The wise men theorized that the sound was coming from the "Nifleheim Continent" where Harden and his friends were banished a long time ago.

 When the kings heard the theories from the wise men, it reminded them of a sad story. They gathered their kingdom knights to go and find this new world called the "Nifleheim Continent".

  The kingdom knights made a base as soon as they reached the "Nifleheim Continent". From there, they started their long, snowy journey.

  Once the battle against the devils started, Carden became an important spot as the wounded knights went there and made it as their resting place. Eventually, traders and residents also began moving in there.

 Let's rest and prepare ourselves here before going on an expedition out there in the snowfield!!!

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