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Item Enchantment  
  +1~+9 / +10 / +11 / +12~+15 / Legendary Item Enchantment  
Item Enchantment +12~+15
You can make stronger item such as +12~+15 item Through NPC Alchemist Odin in the Unknown Continent.
attach space Function
SLOT A Laktorerium(10)
SLOT B +11 and above armor or weapon
SLOT C Any Secret Stone

Combination window will be opened when you click NPC Alchemist Odin in the Unknown Continent
You can combine after you put 2 Laktorerium(10), +11 and above armor or weapon to combine and any secret stone. After combining if you success item grade will be +1
Refinement | +12 | +13 | +14 | +15
Basic + 150 % + 180 % + 220 % + 270 %
Additional Option + 150 % + 180 % + 220 % + 270 %
- Items will disappeare as probability
- +11 or above item's grade will be decreased 1.
Combine Items
You can compound Laktorerium(10) if you use Laktorerium Alchemy while you have 10 Laktoreriums in your inventory.

Secret Stone
You can make Sceret Stone if you have succeeded in combining all the 7 Runes through NPC Alchemist Odin in the Unknown Continent.,(Reference : 'Secret of Runes' Quest)


The premium item that can decrease failure probability When you combine +12 or above item you can use instead of secret stone.
You can use 1~4 and success probability will be increased if you use more.


When you combine +12 item you can put instead of Laktorerium(10).
When the combination is failed you can protect item option(Extraction Crystal) but you have to use 2pieces

Extraction_Crystal - Normal Weapon(F Grade), God Weapon(K Grade)

All items will be disapeared in the A and C slot(Laktorerium(10) and Secret Stone) regardless of success or failure.
+15 item cannot be used for combine item
+12 or above mortal item can be used for God item combination

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